Produce 101

A free course for individuals who have little or no experience in produce. A great introduction to produce for retail and warehouse staff.


Produce Basics

Learn more about the produce industry with an introduction to the supply chain, food safety, and more. Ideal for retail and professionals new to the produce industry.


Produce Essentials

Covers the key areas of operations for produce organizations. Ideal for professionals, managers and executives. Enroll in the full course or in individual units!


Supply Chain Logistics

The complexities of moving a living, breathing product from the field to the fork are examined across the supply chain.


Sales and Marketing

How business deals and relationships are developed and maintained in the produce industry.


Production Practices

From fields to greenhouses, this course examines production practices specific to various growing environments.


Sustainability and Social License

The concepts of sustainability and social licence are interpreted and applied within produce industry operations.


Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Ensuring safe, quality produce is examined as a foundational requirement for the produce supply chain.